Why Are We Lobbying For A Hospice?

Why Are We Lobbying For A Hospice?

The Northern Tasmanian community deserves to have a choice and the opportunity to die in the home-like setting that is provided by a dedicated hospice.

This hospice can serve as a centre of excellence in our region, as well as a place of education for health professionals and the community on palliative care, death and dying, loss and grief.

The Hospice will augment the existing palliative and end of life service providers currently operating in Northern Tasmania, thereby creating more choice. The hospice would also assist in the coordination of an integrated service delivery for end of life care.
From a financial perspective the cost of providing a bed in the hospice setting is less than that of a bed in an acute hospital setting. From a service delivery perspective, the provision of a coordinated acute/ hospice or community/hospice interface will reduce acute bed demand and consequential bed block.
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