What is Good Death?

What is Good Death 
Have you heard the term “GOOD DEATH” uttered by one of our professionals?

If you’re not sure precisely what we’re getting at, be sure to take a look at the section below. Learn more about this concept, which is central to our mission.

Good Death
  • To know when death is coming and to understand what can be expected. 
  • To be able to retain control of what happens. 
  • To be afforded dignity and privacy. 
  • To have control over pain relief and other symptom control.
  • To have choice and control over where death occurs (at home or elsewhere).
  • To have access to information and expertise of whatever kind is necessary.
  • To have access to any spiritual or emotional support required. 
  • To have access to hospice care in any location including home, not only in hospital.
  • To have control over who is present and who shares the end.
  • To be able to issue advance directives that ensure wishes are respected. 
  • To have time to say goodbye and control over other aspects of timing. 
  • To be able to leave when it is time to go and not to have life prolonged pointlessly.
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