What Is A Hospice?

What Is A Hospice?
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At the Northern Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation, we define hospice as a dedicated facility supporting individuals and their families at the end of life.  

A hospice is a place where palliative and end of life care are provided. Respite care may also be provided if the facility is suitably designed and resourced. 

A hospice will provide a home-like environment, a tranquil setting, with care tailored to each individual’s physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. 
The HOSPICE Will Be…

• A centre of excellence.
• Situated on the ground floor to allow easy access to tranquil gardens.
• A provider of 24 hour advice and support for the community and other health and aged care facilities. 
• Offering a fully integrated service in palliative and end of life care.
• Providing people with a choice at end of life.
• Available for any age, religion, race or illness.
• Utilized as a facility for ongoing education, training and research.
• A project the community will want to be involved with and be willing to assist in funding. 
• A facility that offers admission for symptom control and introduction to services for the patient and respite for their carer. 
• A center for bereavement support. 

The Hospice will provide a high-quality service, integrity, compassion, respect and universal access for the whole community.
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