Our Mission

Our Mission 
Our Mission – OUR PASSION

To create a dedicated facility supporting individuals and their families at end of life.

Our site shall be in close proximity to the Launceston General Hospital Health Precinct to facilitate the sharing of medical, catering, housekeeping and laundry services. The central location will allow easier accessibility via public transport for the greater community.

Our home-like environment will provide a tranquil setting, with care tailored to each individual’s physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs.
Will Be…
• A Centre of Excellence 
• Situated on the ground floor to allow easy access to tranquil gardens 
• A provider of 24-hour advice and support for the community and other health and care facilities
• Offering a fully integrated service in palliative and end of life care
• Providing people with a choice at end of life 
• Available for any age, religion, race or illness
• Utilised as a facility for ongoing education, training and research
• A project the community will want to be involved with and be willing to assist in funding 
• A facility providing admission for symptom control and introduction to services for the patient, and respite for his or her carer
• Offering bereavement support
• Fully committed to service, integrity, compassion, respect and universal access
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